Plant Companions For Permaculture

Plant Matchmaker for Permaculture in Florida

Pigeon/Cow Peas with basically any ornamental shrub or fruit tree. These legumes compliment any plant that will grow larger than them (they can overshadow smaller plants like peppers, short ornamentals, etc) They grow in a shrub form and provide nitrogen in a form that is usable by other plants. Chop ‘em and let them drop when they get too big - the foliage is nutrient dense and a great mulch. 

Mulberry trees and Aloe Vera or Cassava (Delicious alternative to potatoes, popular in Cuban/Latin dishes)

Banana + Papaya with Sweet Potato underneath (The Banana Circle)

Cardamom and Citrus - Cardamom is tough as nails and has aromatic pest control properties and fungicidal properties and will help protect fragile fussy citrus. Can grow anywhere!

Turmeric and Dwarf creeping mimosa

Florida Blackberry and Rosemary