About Us

Kate and Riley brenner huggingMy great grandmother grew up in the orange groves and packing houses of central Florida. Everywhere she walked, flowers grew in the footprints that followed her. She planted gardens everywhere; in the rubble of an abandoned lot, or even in someone else's yard! She may have been the first 'guerilla gardener.'  

I have found paradise in horticulture. Discovering a gnarled caudex hiding under the soil, pollinating a flower and producing a seed, learning new secrets about an old plant, meeting others captured under the greenery spell...this is the botanical fodder of my dreams.

We are detail fixated, client oriented, quality obsessed fanatics when it comes to our plants. We hope all these traits result in giving you the greatest specimen in your collection. We also love to talk about our plants, so never hesitate to contact us to have a discussion about our exotic collection, and we'd love to hear about yours!