International Shipping

There are as many different rules for shipping plants as there are countries, and I am learning them as I go. This info is not easily accessed or found, so I will share on here as I get information from my USDA rep.

1. For all states in the US including Puerto Rico, the fee is around $61 for a phytosanitary certificate. If I consolidate orders to be inspected all in the same day, the first certificate costs me $61 and each additional is $20, so I'd pass the savings on to the customer if they can wait for more orders requiring phytos to come in.

2. Canada: requires a phytosanitary certificate and a nematode certificate and I currently do not have the nematode inspection. I will update this as it progresses, so for now, no shipping to Canada. 

3. Trinidad: requires an import certificate filled out by the BUYER, who will then send it to me, and I will present it to the USDA inspector in order to get the phytosanitary certificate.

4. Japan: Only a $61 phytosanitary certificate is required.