Poisonous C*nt Vinyl Sticker (A Story Of Strength) Updated artwork as of 7/6/23

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There is a beautiful story behind this sticker. A former employee was terminated here for many reasons- but one of the most egregious was his abusive treatment of other employees. He targeted Nicole, the artist who designed this sticker, because she courageously and consistently stood up to his abuse with dignity and grace. 
His final act was to aggressively confront all of us before he was removed from the property. In her usual lovely way, Nicole reacted to his behavior with a firm smile. He was outraged and finally hissed at her, “You are a poisonous cunt.”

 Instead of being hurt by this attack, Nicole owned it, and created something beautiful that belonged to her. Now she’s sharing this with all of you. She made a thing of beauty-something we can all laugh about-out of the ashes of violence and cruelty. 

Don’t ever let anyone take your dignity through abuse of any kind. Own it, take it away from your abuser, and make something beautiful!

 If you are suffering from abuse, you are not alone. There are many great communities out there that have come together to support each other. You can heal and you deserve it! The Domestic Violence Hotline has compassionate people ready to help you 24-7. 

Domestic Violence Hotline

Vinyl sticker with custom art by Nicole Edwards of a variegated Euphorbia poissonii with the phrase "Poisonous Cunt" Euphorbia poissonii is known for being one of the more toxic euphorbia, but one of the most beautiful! 

Size is 2x2.3", perfect for adorning your water bottle, laptop, or tablet!