Ceropegia saundersii Parachute Plant Trailing Milkweed Vine

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A vining member of the milkweed family with odd, parachute shaped chartreuse flowers that seem to be inside out. Flowers are large and beautiful, doesn't seem to have any odor, at least none I've detected. Great for hanging baskets, will hang down and make a lovely cascade of flowers on the vine. Easy to grow, looks best protected from full sun and watered regularly in the hot months. Rooted cuttings in 4" pots shipped bare root.


This plant is winter and drought deciduous. If you purchase this plant in the late fall/winter/early spring, it will not have leaves. As it starts to warm up, you can water more frequently to encourage it to start growing new leaves. 

Even during spring/summer/early fall, this plant may still drop leaves in transit. This is normal and expected. When plants are put in a stressful situation, which includes being bare rooted and put in a dark box for a few days, it is going to conserve as much energy as it can. It does this by dropping its leaves. Once it arrives, please pot it up, give it a good drink, and keep it in a shady area for about a week while it starts to recover. You should see new leaf growth within 1-2 weeks. If you have any questions about this plant’s care please reach out to us at the website chat, Facebook, Instagram, or support@paradisefoundnursery.com.

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