X39 Euphorbia francoisii crassicaulis f. rubra Hybrid Specimen Madagascar Dwarf Geophyte Exact Plant

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Euphorbia francoisii is a highly diverse caudiciform plant known for its striking leaves in a wide range of shapes and colors that transform throughout the year. Each plant's leaves, both as a whole and individually, can exhibit unique variations in color and shape. This species, typically found in coastal areas, has underground stolons and produces rosettes that lie flat on the ground, resembling other well-known caudex-forming Euphorbia species like Euphorbia decaryi, Euphorbia cap-saintmariensis, and Euphorbia cylindriflora.

This form of this species is my favorite. The f. rubra indicates the pink and red emphasis in the foliage. It is a stable form and will always look like this. This is the most decorative of all Madagascar dwarf euphorbia, in my opinion. This is a beautiful hand selected individual in a 4” pot. Exact plant shown. NEARLY BLACK LEAVES!!!

These plants are so uniquely special from one individual to the next. It’s imperative that the buyer is able to select their specific plant from the bunch; this is why we expend the extra energy to list them all individually. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!