Uncarina grandidieri

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These are very large trees in 5 gallon pots. They will be pruned and shipped as you see in the second photo. You will get the first photo as a result after pruning, except much larger - the first photo is just an example of what you will have after potting, exposing some of that beautiful caudex, and getting some foliage growth. The last photo shows the trees before pruning...they're HUGE!

Uncarina grandidieri is an incredible caudex forming succulent tree from Madagascar. This beautiful tree will grow a nice, fat caudex up to 3 feet in diameter. It has soft, fuzzy leaves with purple margins, and puts out beautiful, large, velvety-purple throated yellow flowers (2 inches across) all over the tree from spring until winter, if you live in a warm climate. It is partially decidious-- it will lose most leaves in winter but smaller, immature leaves remain during dormancy; this is based on a Florida winter where it does not get below 45 degrees too often. The leaf-losing mechanism is based on sunlight, warmth, and water availability.

It is not cold hardy and needs protection from freezing and near freezing temps. This tree loves a lot of water and fertilizer during the growing season when the leaves are on the tree. During the dormant period, keep it relatively dry (water once every two weeks if the tree is leafless). This tree loves full sun all the time, and can tolerate it even when dormant.

SEED GROWN!!! Growing it from seed is the best way; they grow SUPER fast and make huge caudexes!!!

Shipping plants in soil is a sure way to spread soil pathogens around the country. Shipping bare root is the safest thing for our environment, and succulent plants can tolerate this very well. The plants will have their root ball wrapped for protection.

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