Sansevieria sp. Tanzania ES 21833 'Dragon Wings'

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A beautiful new species from Tanzania. Nice, whorling, decumbent (lying down) rosette. Looks a lot like S. elliptica, in the S. kirkii family. Leaves are very thick with wavy margins, papery white on red. Excellent deep green and blue banding. Rosette reaches around 11". Very attractive species, 1 gallon pot size. PLEASE NOTE: the juvenile or newer emerging leaves look different from the adult plant. The leaves emerge upright and then lay down into the rosette.

Collection data from Specks Nursery:

Collected in Mafinga, Tanzania. 'Mafinga' is a village in the Iringa province of Tanzania (mountains south-west Tanzania, above the Malawi Sea). The Sansevieria from this area have all highly succulent leaves, which are almost round with old plants. (Email statement Ernst Specks 13.06.11) Occurrence: Tanzania, W of Mafinga, road to Madibira, 45 km, Mbeya province

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