Rhipsalis micrantha

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Cool angular stems on this jungle cactus. Flattened in some places, spineless. VERY vigorous and easy to grow!

Grow like a Christmas cactus. 4" full pots. Shipped bare root.

Synonym(s): Cassytha baccifera, Cactus pendulus, Rhipsalis pendula, Rhipsalis cassutha, Cactus fasciculatus, Rhipsalis fasciculata, Rhipsalis cassutha, Rhipsalis cassythoides, Rhipsalis dichotoma, Rhipsalis hookeriana, Rhipsalis undulata, Rhipsalis aethiopica, Rhipsalis horrida, Hariota horrida, Rhipsalis madagascariensis, Rhipsalis minutiflora, Rhipsalis pilosa, Rhipsalis comorensis, Rhipsalis suareziana, Rhipsalis zanzibarica, Rhipsalis caripensis, Rhipsalis cassutha, Rhipsalis cassythoides, Rhipsalis guineensis, Rhipsalis shaferi, Rhipsalis bartlettii, Rhipsalis heptagona, Rhipsalis cassuthopsis,