Ibervillea tenuisecta

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A cucurbit native to the Southwest United States and Mexico. Forms a very large, disc shaped caudex with long vines erupting from a single point in the center. Leaves are small and numerous along the vine. Yellow flowers are inconspicuous but forms large, reddish melons in the fall. Looks great when vines are trained in a "halo" over the caudex, or allowed to gracefully cascade down from the pot. Deciduous foliage all dies back in the winter. Very similar to ibervillea lindeheimeri except for subtle differences in flower and foliage. 3" pots, seed grown. Little caudexes already. 

Names include:

Slimlobe Globeberry, Texas globe berry, Texas globeberry, Deer-apples, Cutleaf Globe Berry, Snake apple, Balsam Apple, Globe-berry

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