Easy Beginner Houseplant Collection

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This is a set of 3, VERY easy to grow succulents. You will receive three good sized plants, 4-5" pot size, all similar to the photo. They are a large clump of haworthia cymbiformis, lepismium cruciformis (similar to christmas cactus) and a sansevieria 'Frosty Spears'. All three plants require the same growing conditions and could be combined in a pot for a cool dish garden. These are plants that just really want to be pampered house pets, if they could make such a request. ;)

Use 50% high quality potting soil and 50% perlite for best results, and always use a pot with a drainage hole.

Great beginner plants! Shipped bare root, wrapped carefully. Please pot them up as soon as you get them and give them a big drink of water!