Dyckia 'Kelly' (marnier-lapostelle x brittle star)

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This terrestrial bromeliad hybrid is a cross between Dyckia marinier-lapostelle and Dyckia 'Brittle Star'. Vigorous, with beautiful purplish coloring and dusty white scurf. HOWEVER...
This is clear proof on how unpredictable dyckia genetics can be!!! No two seedlings look alike. Some look like marinier-lapostelle, some look like Brittle Star, and some look like both mixed together. It's like having children, you never know what you'll get. So far, they are all awesome.

If you would like one that has more characteristics of one parent than the other, PLEASE specify so I can make sure I pick out a good one for you! The first picture is very similar to brittle star, the middle is a mix of both, and the last is more marinier-lapostelle type. 

All are in 4" pots.