Dischidia imbricata

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Epiphytic vining asclepiad that looks like green shingles as it plasters itself on its mount. Similar cultivation to a hoya but easier and faster growing. Great for mounts on driftwood, hanging baskets, etc. Grow attached to sphagnum moss at first if mounting, otherwise grow in soil that's a little juicier than succulent soil. ¨‚ These are already mounted on moss poles in high quality Chilean sphagnum and coir chunks with hangers, ready to go!

, HOYA RETURN POLICY This return policy applies to hoya plants ONLY. All sales on hoyas are final; we can no longer accept returns and will not issue refunds unless the plant is dead on arrival. If the plant is dead on arrival, please submit a photograph of the dead plant still in its original wrapping by email to admin@paradisefoundnursery.com within 24 hours of the delivery date noted on the tracking details. Upon receipt of the photograph, a full refund will be issued. If a plant is either missing or the incorrect plant was received, please notify us by email within 7 days of receipt and you will either be refunded or the correct plant will be sent to you at no charge. All hoyas offered for sale are currently growing in 6‚ hanging baskets unless otherwise noted. The actual size of the plant may vary.