Cedar Vertical Garden with Plants

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This is a handmade, dove tailed, cedar vertical garden planter box that hangs on the wall by a hole in the back. It is seamless with no nails. Inside there is an epiphytic cactus that flowers yellow and cream colored flowers and will hang down several feet. There is also an air plant, bromeliad, and spanish moss. These are good indoor plants in bright light, or outside on a lanai or porch. None are cold hardy, please bring them in during the winter. Water thoroughly once a week, don't "mist"....WATER! The whole planter can be watered.

This is a really unique planter that comes with the plants! Do as I do...when you run out of room to plant things in the ground, start planting up the walls! If you have a small living space without a lot of room to garden in the ground, then your best option is a vertical garden.