Bursera penicillata

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I couldn't say it better than the experts at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.
"Torote copal may attain greater heights than any other common Bursera in the Sonoran Desert region, reaching nearly 50 feet (15 m). Only the rare B. simarouba is taller. But its most distinctive feature is its potent fragrance of licorice (anise); on hot, still days a single tree perfumes the surrounding forest. It also produces a thick aromatic sap. B. penicillata has a smooth, light gray bark and, after the summer rains, is densely dressed in large compound leaves with large serrated leaflets. In fall the forest glows with the bright yellow foliage . It bears ovate fruit hooded in red or orange."

SEED GROWN. 5" pot size seedlings. Shipped bare root.