1. Do you ship outside the US?

No, currently we only ship to US and territories.

2. I placed an order Thursday - Sunday and still haven't gotten a tracking number, have you forgotten me?

No, we ship Monday through Wednesday (and Thursday to the Southeast region) so that packages do not sit in a warehouse over the weekend.

3. Can I request individual photos of the plant I'm going to receive?
I'm sorry, I can't do individual pictures for listings with multiple plants in inventory. There's only one of me!

4. My tree arrived with all the leaves wilted/crispy/falling off - do I panic?
Definitely NOT!!!! Don't panic - this is a very normal and efficient reaction from the plant after being removed from its cozy pot, wrapped up and stuck in a dark box for a few days. You'd probably look miserable, too. However, after IMMEDIATELY potting up the plant, watering it and letting it rest in the shade, you will see bright, new green growth in a few weeks max. If this is not something you're comfortable with, please do not order trees.

5. Do you do wholesale?
No, we do not have the inventory to effectively wholesale any plants.

6. I'm in the area today. I stopped by, but your gate is closed. What are your hours?
We are NOT open to the public. We are however, open by appointment only. See the button on the bottom right that says "Visit the Nursery"? Click that to schedule an appointment!

7. I've been calling and texting and emailing and no one has answered yet - what's the deal?
Currently, I am the only one who handles all correspondence across all social media, telephone, texting and email. I also do all the horticulture, order processing, inventory, child rearing, elephant training, trapeze stunts and squirrel wrangling in this outfit. Have patience - this is not Amazon...this is small business!

8. Do you use pesticides?
On the rare occasion we have an invasive species that is dangerous to the native flora and fauna here, we will use chemical pesticides. However, we do NOT spray preventatively with dangerous things like neonicitinoides and other harmful pesticides. We expect to see aphids/mealies etc in the spring and fall and we deal with them using mechanical removal or organic sprays such as oils or soaps. But most often, we just wait for the troops to arrive, and enjoy watching the ladybugs, trash bugs, or my personal favorites - lacewings - consume the little pests by the thousands. If we sprayed chemicals, this balance would be interrupted. Despite our vigilance in inspecting your plants before packing, an aphid or mealy might slip through the cracks. It's a perfectly natural pest and fodder for the awesome predators out there!

9. I didn't/was unable to add a heat pack to my order, what do I do?

If you were unable to add a heat pack to your order and need one added, please text 540-229-1997 with your order number and that you need a heat pack. We are unable to predict the weather where your plant will be going, if temperatures across the country will be under 40F, we recommend adding a heat pack to your order.


10. My plant arrived damaged/DOA, help!

If you received a damaged plant, please email or message us with multiple photos of the plant detailing the damage. If this damage was a result of a crushed box, please provide photos of the box as well so we can submit these with a claim online. If you did not add a heat pack to your order, we will be unable to refund your purchase.


11. I didn't receive ____, help help!

If you received an incorrect order, please email or message us with photos of the plants received and let us know what is missing.

12. My package is lost in the mail, where is it?

If your package is lost in transit for more than 5 days, please email or message us with your order number. We will investigate on our end and begin with a missing mail request, then move onto a claim if they are unable to locate the package.

13. My package was marked as delivered but I don't have it!

Please check with your neighbors to see if it was delivered to an incorrect address. If they don't have it and you don't have it, please check with your local Post Office. Be sure to provide them with your tracking number so they are more easily able to locate your package!

14. I'm blown away! How do I leave a review?

If you want to let the world know what an amazing job we did, please write us a review either on our Facebook Page or on Google! If you've had an issue with a shipment from us, please let us work with you to resolve it before writing a review.


Have any questions we haven't covered here? Please reach out to us at support@paradisefoundnursery.com