Commiphora harveyi

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South African tree in the Myrrh family. Commiphora harveyi is sometimes called the "copper bark" or "red cork" tree due to the rusty red color of the peeling bark. Underneath the papery bark is a dark green trunk, giving it great contrast. This species is often used in bonsai and is gorgeous! Seed grown, one gallon. 

These plants enter a shock reaction when they are shipped. In nature, when the plant experiences any stress (drought, cold, etc) they shed their leaves because the expense to the plant is too great in hard times. It is a normal, healthy reaction and ensures their survival in the wild. Being placed bare root in a dark box is a stressful situation. However, the plants can be coaxed out of this state with ample watering and filtered light until they come out of shock. Please pot and water these right away to convince them it's safe to leaf out!