Stockman Ceramics

Jason Stockman is a ceramic artist and educator currently based out of Florida.  With the architecture program in High School ending, he took his first ceramics class and like many others' stories, it was love at the first touch.  After receiving his BFA from Adrian College in 2007 he graduated in 2011 with his MFA in ceramics from Edinboro University Pennsylvania.  

Directly following graduate school, Jason continued in the academic world, becoming an Assistant Professor at a small liberal arts college in Ohio.  After four years it was time for a change, so he moved to Florida for a warmer lifestyle that allows those long walks on the beach.

Jason is very involved with the Sarasota Succulent Society, and fell in love with succulents and their aesthetic charm. 

These pots are hand turned and glazed with absolute expertise - they are flawless. 

Visit his website and Etsy to see the entire collection!

Stockman Ceramics (website)

Roots and Ware (Etsy)


DISCLAIMER: Color may vary based on your monitor's color calibration