Commiphora wightii

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Native to India and Pakistan. Critically endangered due to tapping for the gum resin to make the ayurvedic compound known as Guggul. Plants die within 3 years of being tapped. Wild populations are in severe trouble. CITES, cannot export. Despite mortality from tapping, these plants are actually pretty easy to grow. Beautiful peeling bark reveals a bright green trunk. 3" pots

PLEASE NOTE!!!!! THIS PLANT SOMETIMES ENTERS A SHOCK REACTION WHEN SHIPPED. IT MAY LOSE ALL ITS LEAVES IN TRANSIT. It is perfectly normal!!!! The plant will continue photosynthesizing through the trunk/stems and will leaf out when you have potted it up, watered it, and kept it in the shade for a week or two. It must be coaxed out of shock. Please do NOT THROW AWAY your plant if you think I've sent you a stick. :)

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