Adenium obesum hybrid New BKK2

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Adenium obesum is one of the most variable species, even in habitat. Ranges from a shrub to a small tree with caudices of all shapes and sizes. Flower colors and shapes are just as variable. These are a red and pink with a splash of white. Adeniums will flower early in life but will flower more and for longer periods as they age. This is a blooming plant.

Adenium grow really fast in their first 3 years of life. Water and feed generously during the warm months!!

6" pot size. Shipped bare root.

Shipping plants in soil is a sure way to spread soil pathogens around the country. Shipping bare root is the safest thing for our environment, and succulent plants can tolerate this very well. The plants will have their root ball wrapped for protection. Shipping bare root is also safer for the plant in transit.

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